What is Love?

heart hand on shallow focus lens
heart hand on shallow focus lens

What is love?

I asked this question myself some years back and finally found a satisfying answer in one of the Psychology courses and thought of sharing my understanding with you.

So let’s Die sick what is love?

There are 3 parts to love

  1.  Empathy
  2.  Passion
  3.  Commitment

Empathy is a deep care for one another.

Passion is a common interest or something that could be done together.

Commitment is how long one stays in the relationship?

Now let us dissect the relationship of this 3 part:

What if there is only empathy in a relationship?

This kind of relationship is called Friend, where we care about each other but don’t have any common interest.We welcome their presence but we don’t miss them either during the celebrations.When we are emotionally down we seek comfort around them.

What if we have only passion in a relationship?

 We just call this kind of relationship as time pass friends.Well, might meet them in a sports club or the library.You would share common interests but would not share emotional feelings towards each other.  Also, you don’t miss them when you don’t see them for a long time.

What if there is only commitment in the relationship?

Well, we call this kind of relation as empty love. In this kind of relationship people would not share any emotional feelings towards one another nor do they share any common interest.They stay together because of social status or social pressure or because of their parents. 

Now let’s use a relationship with combinations of these three components:

What if there is empathy and passion in a relationship?

We call this kind of relationship a romantic relationship. Here they share a deep emotional feeling for each other and also they share a common interest but when they asked about marriage? Either they will say no or they not thought about it.Well, this kind of relationship will turn into a toxic relationship after a long time because of a lack of commitment in the relationship.

Ok, let’s move on to the next one

What if a relationship has empathy and commitment?

Well, we all know what we call this kind of relation? We say they are best friends. In this relationship, people would care for each other and also meet each other very often and they share the deepest secrets with each other. But don’t share common interests so, when one person asks let’s start a business and the other person says, just I am not interested in it and I will support you.

What if there is passion and commitment in the relationship?

Well, I don’t know what to say about this kind of relationship. I would name it as working partners or maybe managers. Here people don’t care for each other nor wish for the wellbeing of another. They come together to get things done and they just walk away without even saying goodbye. This kind of relationship is transactional in nature.We should avoid this kind of relationship at all costs in the home.

So finally

What if relationships have empathy, passion, and commitment?

We call this kind of relationship true love. Where people care for each other well-being and share some common interests and give their relationship a meaningful name, they support each other in bad times and celebrate together for each other success. They will not know when they started their relationship but make it till the end.

The true relationship brings true happiness in life, the relationship is the biggest investment that we make ourselves and it gives returns in form of happiness, wealth, and prosperity.

I hope and wish you to find your true love. If you find this article informative please feel free to share it with your friend and family. Also if you have any suggestions or feedback please share them in the comment section.

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