Top 5 habits in 2022

Top 5 habits in 2022

We all like to be a better version of ourselves when we start our new year. Many would take new resolutions, goals, and missions.Well even I thought of doing something like that, but this year I decided to pick a few new habits which make our lifestyle better than last year and which can be sustained during our lifetime.So did a bit of research in my library and finally shortlisted these 5 habits.

1. Mindful meditation

Practicing mindfulness has many benefits which include improving immunity, reducing anxiety, and also it helps taking control of our health. In the past few years, we have come to realize how important is to take care of our health. Mindful practice is a whole set of suits that gives us tools to keep ourselves in good shape. I had practiced mindful meditation for the past 1 year which had helped me recover from COVID faster and much more.I would like to quote mindfulness is the gateway to a better life.

2. High five

Well, this habit is much more than giving high five to your friends.Giving high five to others makes you feel charismatic personality but, it’s all about giving yourself a high five first thing in the morning by seeing yourself in the mirror. This habit helps you improve your confidence and motivates you to achieve your goals.If a small change in habit could do much more, then it’s better to cultivate them and nurture them. To know more about high five habits and the science behind them I recommend you to read Robin’s book called high five habits.

3. Bookkeeping expenses

Now that we have taken care of our health, it’s time to take care of our financial health. The simple habit of bookkeeping our expenses would give us insights into expenditure patterns and also it helps us identify the places where we can do financial automation or reduce the unnecessary expense which occurs.  Effective financial bookkeeping is made by being brutally honest with ourselves and logging every small expense. And retrospect your expense every bi-weekly to optimize it

4. Invest regularly

It’s time to expand our sources of income.It is always better to have multiple sources of income. If you are an employee then your primary source of income is salary or if you are a business owner then your primary income is the profit of your business. So, to build an alternative source of income it comes in all sizes and shapes.Alternative sources of income can come from stock market investment, mutual funds, renting out a property, building a new business stream or even taking classes on your favorite subject after your work hours. Whatever works out for you.Just by thinking that we should have a second source of income new opportunities would present themselves.

5. Learning new skills every month

Yes expanding our knowledge is key for survival and betterment of life. And also knowledge helps to make better decisions when the situation arises. It keeps us always “Be prepared”.Committing ourselves to learning a new thing every month would open a lot of new opportunities and keep us ahead of the competition in our career or in our business.

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