One minute idea for stock market investment

For most of the new investors, picking their first stock comes with a lot of confusion. Here is one simple idea that you can apply without knowing much about technical or fundamental analysis. This idea requires you to observe your surroundings.

Everything in our surroundings one way or another way belongs to some brand or company. For example here are some of the sectors, which you can think of

  • Mobiles to automobiles
  • Food to footwears
  • Hotel to hospitals
  • Petrol to pharma   

List down all the most used products by you, your family, and your friends. And see if those companies have given any dividend from past 5 years, eliminate which are not, and pick the one’s which are most used by everyone.

You will be surprised to know why some companies are not listed in the stock market and some companies with good brands have not paid any dividends. This will get you started with your investment journey.

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