learning as investment 101

A good investor invests in their skill improvement. Yes, building skills is the best investment anyone can make. Many investors lose their money because they don’t build the skills needed to make good decisions.  Yes, that’s the sole reason many folks invest money in their education to join better colleges or universities. But what most of them do not realize is that even with a degree from great colleges, if they don’t make good decisions, they may end up broken.  Most of our life-changing lessons will come from while we are working towards our goals.

I am narrating this story once told by a teacher in corporate training. The story was told like this, once a cargo ship sailing from the US to the UK got stopped in the middle of the ocean, and the captain of the vessel tried starting several times, but it was in vain. Then he calls all the cru members and says whoever starts this engine will get rewards according to their demand.  One gentleman comes forward and says I can do it. And then he took a hammer and hit the machine in different places and starts the engine, and to the captain’s surprise, the engine starts and works seamlessly. And these gentlemen demand 100$, and the captain got shocked at such a hefty price tag during that time. And captain asks these gentlemen, why are you quoting such a high price for such small work? What you did is just hitting the hammer. Gentlemen replies 1$ for hitting the engine from the hammer and 99$ for knowing where to strike on the machine.   Since the captain had promised, he just handover a high price and walks away.  We understand that knowledge is money, so never shy away from learning new skills irrespective of age or gender. Knowledge is the same for all.

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