How to negotiate?

close up of human hand
close up of human hand

How to negotiate?

Mastering negotiation is an important factor that will define one’s success or failure. Negotiating is a key skill is required by everyone to effectively work in their office, business, or personal life. Good negotiators always manage to keep their smiles on their faces in all sorts of situations that life throws at them.  Every day in our lives we negotiate in almost all the matters like when you buy or sell equities or NFT’s, or while purchasing products of any kind for their quality or price. Well, we even negotiate for our personal space and time with our relationships or we negotiate for their time. Some of the negotiation decisions are taken subconsciously and others consciously. Thanks to our brain, some of our decisions making abilities are automated for us, we call it instincts. well, that’s the topic for another day. In this article, we are more focused on taking the Conscious way of negotiating with people.
There are 3 steps to effectively negotiate
1.      Analyze
2.      Ask
3.      Anticipate

  1. Analyze

    Analyzing the situation or trends is key. Having the right information at right time is a very important factor between a good negotiation and a bad one. So, this first step is time-consuming and costly, and there are no shortcuts. also, this step will prepare you for facing challenges. Let’s take a hypothetical situation of person x getting married to person Y, well it’s not so easy for X has to convince the parents of Y before they get married. I took this example because my last blog was about what is love? If you haven’t read then you can read about it after this blog, that’s out of the way. Let’s see how x will negotiate with Y’s parents? Using 3 A’s approach which is mentioned above. X has to analyze the expectation of Y’s parents and, X has to ensure that X is better than the expectation. Also, X has collected additional information that he is better than the law of averages in many aspects of life.  Hope X has enough data and confidence to move next step

  2. Ask

    Often we will have enough ideas or data to achieve our goals but we tend to not execute those ideas or use those data for our well-being, in this case, we will fail silently. Taking action is one of the easy steps which you could take in this process of negotiating. You have to just Ask.  In our hypothetical example, X asked Y’s parents. So, what’s next

  3. Anticipate

    Well, during the first step we would have spent enough time analyzing the stats and related data. It’s time we anticipate the outcome of the ask. The answer might be in binary yes or No. if yes you have negotiated successfully else you would know the actual expectation or fact of the situation either way you will be in a better position to move forward.  As far as our hypothetical example X would have got the answer as yes or no, if the answer was Yes the X did good negotiation. If the answer was NO then at least X did the right thing and made Y’s parents start thinking about it. During this negotiation  X may even have gotten an actual understanding of the expectations and could plan for the next move.

When there is a choice to pick, then you choose what you need to pick. And choices are only present themselves when you do the right negotiation.

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