Habits are the basic foundation of a happy life

Hi guys, I hope you are doing good. We could have kept the title “Habits are the basic foundation of success” but decided to go with happiness because we all seek success for living life happily. That being said. This blog is a follow-up on learning as investment 101.  Molding our habits are a powerful tool in our learning journey. Well, learning new things regularly by itself can be a habit.  Let us see what is forming our habits?  Our habits are closely related to how we feel in any given situation.  Say for example

  • Working out makes us feel good, so it help  motivate go to the gym
  • Getting good grades so, it would encourage me to study every day.
  • Thinking of early retirement, so it motivates us to save or invest money
  • For good health so,  it motivates us to wash our hands, doing yoga

well. Often our habits are formed by doing regular practice. For everyday training, we need strong motivation.  And motivations come from achievable goals. So goals are one of the critical factors of building habits.

The grass is not always green on the other side.   Along the way, knowing or unknowing, we tend to pick some bad habits. We don’t want to judge which is a good habit and which is a bad habit. But the good news is we can replace our bad habits with good ones.

There are several technics. The one which I used and found effective was habit sequencing. Which is a simple trick. which can be done with the following steps

  • Write down all the activities you to perform in a day that would help achieve your goals.
  • Then sequence the activities, for example
    1. Wake up at 5:30 AM and get fresh up in 15 minutes
    2. After fresh up will go for walking in pavilion ground for 15 minutes
    3. After walking, on the way home will buy vegies in Reliance fresh

Well, you got the idea, the template is

After some Tasks, I will perform the next Task and in some place.

This kind of sequence helps feed our subconscious mind, and we get habituated to do it every day.

  • The final step is retrospective. It is time to identify the activities which are not contributing towards your goal and replace them with the new one

Habit sequencing also helps create our routines like morning routines, work routines, and before sleep routines.  So the set of activities creates a pattern. Having good habits helps in improving everyday productivity and making us self-disciplined.

Also, another trick that I found helpful in forming habits is self-identity. Self-identity is a powerful tool that helps set our goal setting. If you don’t know what I mean, see your Facebook profile how you are describing yourself?  Well, don’t care much about social media, then that’s even good. Ask yourself some of the hard questions like

  • How should I be seen as a child, as a spouse, and as a grandparent?
  • For professional life, ask yourself how my colleague should see me as?
  • Or just write down how others need to pursue you?

Having a third-person view of ourselves helps in building a strong personality which is one adores. Also helps better earthlings. Do you know? That we can learn to be charismatic.

Here are a few words by Aristotlewhich would surely motivate you to work on habits

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

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