Go green is a buzzword no one even cares for

World leadership is talking about reducing the use of fossil fuels because of climate change and the potential damage to the world and can impact each individual directly or indirectly.

We have talked about going green for a decade and not seeing reduction in crude oil production or reducing crude oil consumption. Even though oil helped the economy grow and humanity thrive faster, we are seeing the threat of overusing crude oil which is impacting global warming and rising sea levels. Even though this is a higher threat for island nations, but this issue is global and we should be concerned about it.

In the past few decades, we humans have fallen in love with speed do everything faster to get paid faster. Be it an employee, enterprise, or economy. We would like to grow more quickly even though we have achieved that speed towards growth, but we have not prospered in our journey. We have left behind so much dirt and pollution that hampers the entire ecosystem.  It is time we slow down and look behind what is essential to thrive and prosper.

My friends in India tweeted that beer is finally cheaper than petrol (laugh), so let us stop traveling and start partying.

No wonder the world economy would get impacted by crude oil price fluctuations. And the politics around it. We are here to talk about how we can go green as individuals to make a difference in climate change and rising sea levels.  Even if there is a slight chance it makes a difference, then it is worth trying

  1. We can use walking or cycling for local commutes. We often take out our cars and two wheels just to buy groceries. We can be easily avoided by walking to the nearest grocery shop.
  2. Upgrading our vehicle to electric
  3. Try using public transport for commuting long-distance travel.
  4. Installing solar panels on our rooftops would reduce the dependency on thermal energy.
  5. By growing trees in our neighborhood  or our back yards  would help reduce the carbon footprint

Simple habit change could yield big results and build a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

Why go green?

We can show our care and kindness to save our world and save millions of homes in island nations by going green. Let us use our power wisely and it is time we care for each other before things go out of our hands.

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