Traits of being an investor

Being a good investor is like being a good sportsperson in sports, it takes consistent improvement every day. And the good investor will always have the routine, just like a sportsperson has their workout plan.   Human has evolved emotions towards money nowadays. which gives rise to a lot of emotional roller coaster rides whenContinue reading “Traits of being an investor”

One minute idea for stock market investment

For most of the new investors, picking their first stock comes with a lot of confusion. Here is one simple idea that you can apply without knowing much about technical or fundamental analysis. This idea requires you to observe your surroundings. Everything in our surroundings one way or another way belongs to some brand orContinue reading “One minute idea for stock market investment”

How to protect your investment?

Having the right information is like having the key to a volt full of gold in it. Sometimes this information may be psychologically positive or negative in nature, it depends. In this blog, we are focused more on psychologically negative news and how we can protect our investment from it?  Sometimes we call negative newsContinue reading “How to protect your investment?”

What is a digital rupee?

In budget 2022-23 Indian finance ministry has proposed a digital rupee using blockchain technology. This is a very big positive move in preventing corruption and a step towards making the rupee a global currency. Since the digital rupee is based on blockchain technology I would refer to it as crypto rupee for simplicity. Here termContinue reading “What is a digital rupee?”

Go green is a buzzword no one even cares for

World leadership is talking about reducing the use of fossil fuels because of climate change and the potential damage to the world and can impact each individual directly or indirectly. We have talked about going green for a decade and not seeing reduction in crude oil production or reducing crude oil consumption. Even though oilContinue reading “Go green is a buzzword no one even cares for”

How to scan for good fundamental stock

Well, it is easy. Use this formula in your stock scanner, and you will get the list of stocks which you can invest on. eps > 80 AND Current ratio  > 1.5 AND Debt to equity  < 20% AND Interest Coverage Ratio  > 5 AND  Sales growth 3Years  > 10% Each of these parameters areContinue reading “How to scan for good fundamental stock”

Here are five reasons, why crypto can be new gold ?

Gold is not easy to store and also not very easy to liquidate into money. We need to have a safe place to keep our gold even if it is too little. Often we store the gold in a bank locker or volt if you have installed one in your home.  On the other hand,Continue reading “Here are five reasons, why crypto can be new gold ?”

learning as investment 101

A good investor invests in their skill improvement. Yes, building skills is the best investment anyone can make. Many investors lose their money because they don’t build the skills needed to make good decisions.  Yes, that’s the sole reason many folks invest money in their education to join better colleges or universities. But what mostContinue reading “learning as investment 101”