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Objective of this website

Mhuts is a place where you can learn how to invest your money and time. Often when we think of investing money, we mostly think of the stock market. Yes, it is a good place to invest and grow your money. However, there are other investment vehicles where you can invest your money and time to get good returns like real estate, gold, hobbies, and education. Everything we do in our lives is a direct or indirect way of investment, it may be a relationship, education, business or anything you do is a form of investment. But the return on investment will only depend on your choice of investment. In this channel, you will learn to be a smart investor in all aspects of your life. So I welcome you to join us in this journey of knowledge sharing.

Recent blogs

Traits of being an investor

Being a good investor is like being a good sportsperson in sports, it takes consistent improvement every day. And the good investor will always have the routine, just like a sportsperson has their workout plan.   Human has evolved emotions towards money nowadays. which gives rise to a lot of emotional roller coaster rides when…

One minute idea for stock market investment

For most of the new investors, picking their first stock comes with a lot of confusion. Here is one simple idea that you can apply without knowing much about technical or fundamental analysis. This idea requires you to observe your surroundings. Everything in our surroundings one way or another way belongs to some brand or…

How to protect your investment?

Having the right information is like having the key to a volt full of gold in it. Sometimes this information may be psychologically positive or negative in nature, it depends. In this blog, we are focused more on psychologically negative news and how we can protect our investment from it?  Sometimes we call negative news…

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